Tuesday, 25 December 2012

my baby is coming!

there has been a lot of changes in blogger.. nmpakk? lama tak update tru website. dan mmg dah lama tak update jgk.

am on my 5th month of pregnancy. comel je with a big bump which is going to get a lot bigger :)

its xmas! if i am in the uk, tomoro i will probably get up early in the morning. there will be no public transport services until late afternoon. get up early in the morning to rush to shopping malls for bargain hunting. it will be freezing cold.. isnt that amazing? the school will be off for another 2-3 weeks. ohhh heaven.

but the reality is, im in almost freezing cold kuala lumpur. musim hujan y'all! ditemani dengan gentle kicks from the baby inside my tummy :) love him and just cant wait for him. nak mandikan, bg minum susu, to hug him when he is in his cranky mood, to kiss his cheek. oh, i just cant wait. be healthy ye dik. mami love u so much!

attended 'ceramah susu ibu' few weeks ago. theres a few tips they shared about penyusuan ibu.

  • keep on breastfeed baby utk make sure bekalan susu berterusan.
  • what the mum eats or drinks, the baby will get them too. so watch out what you drink or eat.
  • exclusive breastfeed for the first six months. exclusively breast milk, no other drinks include plain water.
  •  ajar baby utk minum from botol (especially for working mothers-meaning, pump and give them to the baby using feeding bottles)
  • position while breastfeeding-comfort for both baby n mothers
  • ask someone else to feed the baby if you're using feeding bottle. bau ibu boleh sbbkan baby refuse to drink from the bottle.
  • control,calm, and massage before starting the pumping session.
sekarang sedang mencari tips utk mendapatkan bekalan susu yang banyak.because from my sister's experience, susu tak banyak so she has to depends on susu formula jugak. i am aiming for exclusive breastfeed ni. mohon berjaya! :)

Saturday, 22 December 2012

ayam masak serai.


okay,since repitition recipe berlaku secara berleluasa,maka dgn ini sy dgn gigihnya memulakan recipe hunting.

dan ini lah hasilnya, ayam masak serai :)

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