Friday, 26 August 2011

jalan-jalan cari makan.

D'Lala Seafood
 4.5/5: good service, good, good ambience, affordable.rm80 for 4 people.ask for ikan siakap kheng som and you will thanks me for this! their pulut mangga is awesome too!

Seoul Garden: 
4.5/5: good ambience, good and variety of food. RM49 per person.

Ikan Bakar Tanjung Harapan: 
3.5/5 ikan bakar and what do u expect, their food an average je. pricey.

Ikan Bakar Bagan Lalang: 
3/5. if you are looking for cheaper price for seafood, rm80 for 6 people. but poor service and its ambience is not that appealing.

and the list go on.

to be updated.

Friday, 12 August 2011

its been more than a month.

its been more than a month since my last update. hello diary!

oh now, im waiting for my sayang to arrive! 3 hours to go, and drive safely syg!

air ticket bound for Kl has been bought. in less than a month i will be back in where i supposed to be.

semester 7 is going to end in 2 weeks time. and yeah, welcome to semester 8, and i just cannot wait for this 4 years of study to finish.

there's a lot of planning going on. and i am excited about this. and Thank God.

for every tears and smile, i thank You, The Almighty. because i believe, everything happens for a reason. they are all the reason why i am standing still.