Tuesday, 31 May 2011

new tariff for electicity!

haaaa ambik koooo, minyak tak jadi naik (minyak 95 je, 97 dh berkali2 naik!) die naikkan elektrik. tenaga janakuasa segala bagai tuu, bapak die yg punya. household yg billnye under RM77 wont be affected tapi. last month, bil elektrik rumah ni RM150 ++ tu bila time mama papa and adik yg sorang tu je kt rumah. and tambah aku yg sminggu kt rumah. now aku dh sebulan kt rumah, kita tgk latest bill nnti brape naik. nnti adik aku yg 2 orang lg tu blk, tgk jugak nnti brape bill tu naikkk.

this is seriously insane! kalo gaji naik tiap2 kali mcm bil2 tarif minyak susu gula beras segala tuuu, tkpe laa jugak..hishhh.

penat dennn nk pikir, in the future, kalo nk hidup senang kt dlm msia ni, kalo stakat keje cikgu tuu, mmg kene anak tak ramai. kalo takkk, mana nk cover sume. insurance laa, education la, ape laa. or else, kene start a bisnes. hermmm, kene start pk, bisnes ape yg boleh buat duit.. hermmmm :)

bebelan orang takde kerja :)

haihhhh, dengan ini saya tangguhkan rancangan ganti puasa sy sehingga masa dan hari yg akan ditetapkan kemudian.. insyaAllah, semapt sy menghabiskan semuanya nnti.. hal in iadalah kerana jadual kenduri yg begitu padat sekali..

hr ini mama sy gigih masakkan salad telur untuk  kenduri sepupu sy. sedap baunya sehingga mengejutkan sy dari tidur. kepada adik2 saya diperantauan, harap anda semua bersabar dengan dugaan-dugaan seperti ini, hahahaha.

nampak macam sy tkde keje. tp itulah hakikatnya, kerja saya bnyk, tp perangai sy yg buruk itu suka melakukan kerja disaat-saat akhir, makin menjadi-jadi!

gi mndi dan siapkan kerja! membebel diri sendiri :P

ohh student, please laa nnti bile dh pkbs 3 nnti, markah korang up lagi. bila cikgu dh start ngaja nnti. korang siappp, nntikan kerja latih tubi bertimbun dr cikgu yg maha kejam ini. siapppp korang!

Sunday, 29 May 2011

ok, i surirumah bekerjaya!

hari ni mama gi kenduri. dgn sume sedara mara. so, bgn pagi, breakfast tkde. anak prempuan yg dh mcm gajah dh besarnya, sila laa sendiri berusaha mencari makan. hahaha. but i dont feel like eating anything. so just minum cocoa collagen. tu breakfast penting tuu, wajib!

then gi cari ayam dlm freezer. kuar ayam sayur. i am going to cook!

firstly masak sayur air!

then my signature, ayam kicap! hahahaah.tu je yg mudah dan cepat dan terer. masak pejam mata pon boleh! ahahaahah. nasib aku tak goreng telor je okay. masak nasik.agak2 ni laa kerja orang bekerjaya time weekend, bgn pagi and masak for lunch. weekday mana  sempat nk masak. unless jadi cikgu. boleh laa masak for dinner. lunch confirm2 tak sempat nk masak ape. sbb aku tgk ramai cikgu2 kt skolah aku, type yg tapau lauk from canteen for their family members.ermmmm, kalo ngaja KL, drive thru je dokkk? :P

adik ku yg berdua tu masih blom bgn tido. sorang tu mmg dh agak petang ni br die akan bgn since smlm tgk bola ntah kol brape br blk rumah. yg lagi sorang tuuu, mmg mane tah die dpt gen bgn lmbat. sbb smlm die tido almost kol 1 utk siapkan birthday card papa.

ohh, happy birthday papa! you are my best man in the whole world. thanks for the 26 years of  love and cares. you inspired me in many ways. semoga panjang umur and murah rezeki. kesihatan yg baik! :)

ohhh, dh siap masak ni. sedappp! mati laa puji masakan sendiri! awkkk,  bgn laaa!  :D


td tertgk status member pasal die gi makan kt tupai-tupai. tupai ni femes laa jugak area kl tu. tapiii, not to my tongue. aku rasa, dgn harga yg die offer lagi bnyk restaurant yg laaaaagi best.. gile nye laaa sorang member ni dok promote betapa bestnye restaurant tu. tp kitorang berempat hari tu. all 4 of us agreed, yg makanan die takde laa sesedap mana.. biasa2 je..seriously. and bila bukak2 balik review kt internet, rata2 rate dlm 3 star je.. agak laa. mungkin ramai org ckp pasal tupai-tupai adalah kerana ambiencenye yg ..ermmm.. sejuk mata memandang. tapi sumpah kitorang menyumpah2 jugak laa before sampai restaurant tuuuu. punya laa susah nk cari. well, senang je sbenarnye. tepi jalan besar area2 istana negara jugak. tapiii, sebab keadaan restaurant yg terselindung cmtu yg buat kiroang tk perasan. gilenye dh give up tp last skali, aku nmpak restaurant tuuu. then merasalah jugakk tupai-tupai yg diperkatakan ramai. ade lagi satu cawangan di shah alam. tp orang ckp, tupai-tupai kl lg sedap. boleh try sendiri kalo mahu. tp personally, skali pegi je dh cukup. tak rasa mcm nak pegi lagi skali. enough said :P

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Thursday, 26 May 2011

it takes 2 to tango :)

Like any agreement, a relationship is bound by rules. This is true of all kinds of relationships, whether between friends, family members or lovers.
FORMING relationships is easy. Maintaining relationships is not so easy. Ending relationships is hard.
Whenever we check in at a restaurant or bar, or log in to Facebook, the Social Network lies before us in all its majestic splendour. Like butterflies flying from flower to flower for a taste of sweet nectar, we roam around meeting friends new and old.
But free and limitless as the Social Network may be, it is not thrown into chaos, as may be feared from the flapping of butterfly wings. Instead, there is balance and order in the Social Network, woven by invisible rules.
Like butterflies following their migration flight patterns, we waltz through the Social Network not with reckless abandon, but to our own tune and steps.
It takes two to tango. A relationship, whether casual or intimate, blossoms only when two persons genuinely agree to keep in touch with each other. This is true of all kinds of relationships, whether between friends, family members or lovers.
And like any agreement, a relationship is bound by rules. Welcome to the Social Contract.
The first stage of the Social Contract is the formation stage. Certain elements must be present before a relationship comes into being. There must be offer and acceptance, which can be as simple as an exchange of mobile numbers or acceptance of a “friend” request on Facebook.
But we must be sure that there’s an actual offer on the table, and not merely an invitation to treat. And even if there’s an offer, we must be clear on the exact terms of the offer.
As Martin Solveig cautions, there are people who could stick around and get along with you, but it doesn’t really mean that they’re into you. Always take care to know what kind of relationship you’re getting into.
The next crucial element is consideration – the legal jargon for what’s in it for me, and what’s in it for you.
As a consideration to enter into a new relationship, most people look for good company, character and connection from the other person. But sometimes, people enter into a relationship looking to fulfil less abstract desires, such as money, sex or fame by association.
There’s nothing wrong with that, as long as everyone is on the same page, reads the fine print, and there’s mutual disclosure and understanding of expectations.
A bad romance, morally wrong it may be, is still a relationship.
After the formation stage, we enter into the performance stage. Parties work towards sustaining and making the best of the relationship they signed up for. But relationships are never static. They may gradually die, or change form over time.
A minor change to a relationship merely involves a variation. This means that the original contract remains, with some terms altered.
For example, an inclusion of a new Clause 56 which states: “Both parties shall avoid meeting, communicating or physically coming within a 10m radius of their respective ex-boyfriends and ex-girlfriends (for the avoidance of doubt, their names are as listed in Annexure 1)”.
Or sometimes, two hearts may erupt like a neutron star collision. A casual relationship transforms into an intimate one, bringing about a new relationship and contract altogether.
The third and final stage is the termination stage. Breaking up is always messy and complicated, whether between good friends, family members or lovers. The reasons to end a relationship are aplenty, but they can be classified under a few types.
In law, any contract made under a mistake, misrepresentation and fraud is void ab initio, that is, that there was no contract to begin with. Likewise, there are times in life when we enter into a relationship under a false belief.
An extreme example would be if you discovered your lady was once not a lady. Or if someone told you that come what may, they would love you till their dying day, only for you to discover after marriage that it was just for convenience, for your spouse to avoid a potential workplace transfer to a backwater place like Grik.
Of course, there will be bitterness and tears. It’s painful being cheated to enter into a false relationship. But quickly get up when you’re down, and keep on moving.
Tell yourself, next time, there won’t be a next time. Burn those bridges from shore to shore. Don’t dwell and feel too much for a relationship that never really was.
Termination due to fundamental breach is more painful. That’s when the parties have agreed on the “Do’s” and “Don’t’s” of their relationship, and one party later breaks an express promise.
Not every broken promise justifies termination, but only if the promise is fundamental to the relationship or the effect of the broken promise causes irreparable harm to the relationship.
Between lovers, a breach of Clause 56 generally is not a fundamental breach, unless the wrongful party is a repeat offender.
Cheating on your lover is generally a fundamental breach, unless there is a rare non-exclusivity clause stipulated somewhere. As between good male buddies, cheating with your best friend’s girlfriend is definitely a fundamental breach of the “Bro-Code”.
Terminating a relationship that is real in every aspect is a tough call to make. Emotions run high, optimism in life runs low. We start to question our ability to sustain relationships, and sometimes, even our self-worth. Nevertheless, although at first we will be afraid, eventually we will survive.
But ultimately, the Social Con-tract only guides us on how we think about our relationships, and not how we feel. Sometimes, we can’t help ourselves from falling for someone whom we know to be a heartbreaker right from the start. It’s because the law of attraction is driven more by what we feel than what we think.
So don’t feel bad about falling in and out of relationships. It’s all part of the social cycle. It’s all good. For, like butterflies, we flutter from flower to flower, in search of the sweetest things in life.
The writer is a young lawyer. Putik Lada, or pepper buds in Malay, captures the spirit and intention of this column – a platform for young lawyers to articulate their views and aspirations about the law, justice and a civil society. For more information about the young lawyers, please visitwww.malaysianbar.org.my

Friday, 20 May 2011

6th semester's exam result is out!

result exam sem lepas dh keluar. i have nothing to say other than alhamdulillah. setelah kantoi dgn jayanya few paper tuuu, and thank God, result tak teruk sgt.

:) tak sabar tunggu kesayangan i blk keje dan inform beliau!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

training teacher: day 9

how's today?

hermmm, arrived a little bit  late. sampai je cikgu tu dh mintak gantikan kelas 5G2 utk kelas PJ almost half of this class tk dtg. tp aku masuk tgk je laa. aku kuar dr kelas tu a little early laa sbb kene relief kelas 2G2 for two periods! adoi. paper Maths 2. hermmmm, keje nk meniru je. nk je aku hempuk sekor2.. nakl jugak kelas ni. tp tk layan sgt pon.dh siap2 kutip paper. diorang tu tunggu masa nk hntr je. bukan nye jawab sgt pon. ade sorang ni, gi tandas bukan main lama. aku ingt die gi tgk notes ke ape. tp aku tgk skrip jawapan die, hermmm, 2 soalan je kot yg die jawab. even a simple plus minus question pon die tak layan. dok main pensel. main eraser. kacau orang sbelah. mcm budak pendidikan khas! tu laa cerita 8.55 am-10.05 am.
dh siap tu, masuk bilik guru, gi kantin. breakfast.
blk breakfast gi mkn2 jap kt bilik pendidikan khas. ade jamuan sempenan budak praktikal senior yg dh tamat sesi latihan mreka. besssstnye! just makan satu slice cake saje.. sbb dh kenyang gile mkn kt kantin tu.

thenn, ade sesi bergmbr sket. masuk bilik guru, get ready utk next class.12.25-1.45. paper english. kesian jugak laa kt budak2 tu tk bleh nk jawab. soalan senang je, suh tulis surat kt member pasal the importance of friendship. dh siap bg points lg. tp diorang ckp tk blaja lagi. adoiii, karangan english sayang oi. penat laa kalo semua tajuk karangan nk suh sir korang ajar. tp part literature yg diorang tk blaja lg tu aku kesian laa. sbb bile tak blaja, cane diorang nk jawab.diorang ngadu, sir masuk bukan ngaja sgt. asek masuk library main chess.adoiii. tatau laa diorang tknak blaja sgt ke or sir diorang yg tknak ngaja sgt.. agak sedih laa bile ae few yg nk blaja, tp cikgu tk smngt sgt, or a few yg malas nk blaja tu yg kacau mood ngaja cikgu tu. aku still tk ngaja lagi, so aku tk bleh nk ckp ape laa. aku tatau cabaran aku akan dtg. hopefully aku bleh manage stress-ness yg diorang hadapi.hopefully.
and cikgu tu dh bg aku skrip jawapan form 1. 2 kelass. paper 1 and paper 2. mati laaa mak oi.paper 1 tkpelaaa. tebuk2 lubang tuu.paper 2 tuu jenuh laa sket. tp nmpak bnyk kosong, tk jenuh jugak laa. jenuh nk tanda pangkah je. ape2 laa budak.

cikgu buat je takat yg cikgu mampu :)

training teacher: day 8

there is nothing much of what i did today.. just jaga kelas yg kene relief.bile sume member dpt relief and i got nothing to do, i went to the library, just to read newspapers. tp tkde yg hari ni punye. so i spent my time reading news yg dh lapok.. and suddenly got the call from the office. they asked me to ganti cikgu yg ada emergency kejap. it was 2G3.ai terpaksaaaa jadi garang. alhamdulillah under control.tp bile aku ckp, masa ada lagi 5 minit. haihhhhh, bising sume. and cikgu tu mntak gantikan kejap utk form 5SC 2. paper kimia 3. huihhh, how time flies, dulu paper ade chemistry 1 and 2 je. now dh ade sampai 3. cikgu die masuk betulkan few question..ade la 15 minit je kot jaga.. tp agak penat laa kene rush sana rush sini. sbb kelas diorang 4 tingkat. akak dok main turun naik tangga dgn heels je. then masuk blk bilik guru.

masukkkk je, dah kene dhhhh.4SC2 jap. paper kimia jugak. satu masa je. thank God. satu masa ade laa dlm 40 minit. tp tingkat 4! akak penat! rehat pon tk sempat lg. dh laa akak serabut gile hari ni. ape pon tk bawak. nametag tatau mane letak..serabai je aku rasa. masuk kelas tu, budak buat prangai plak.. meniru kaw2nye.. aku bukannye tak bg tiru langsung. tp kalo obvious sg, terpaksa laa aku sound.. br je nk duduk, diorang dh buat hal. terus aku bgn, gi kt tmpt budak tu, 'awak ade masalah?" senyap je. then aku blk tmpt aku. br nk senyap..bile ckp masa ade lagi 5 minit. hahhh, kalut lg .diorang tk sempat jawap pon.. aku bg chance laa lagi. kutip answer paper yg mane yg dh siap dulu. tuuu pon kire dh baik.

blk bilik guru. now dh tak sanggup nk dok situ je, nnti sure ade yg nk lepas tgn dr masuk kelas. tp adik2 baru redhakan je.

tp one good thing about masuk kelas gnti ni, at least ko tayah ngaja, and aku ade chance utk kumpul confidence utk berdiri depan audience, depan student.aku nih cepat sgt nervousnye. and Thank God these few days, gementar tu dah takde sgt. before this mmg nmpak kekalutan aku. ingt tak the first day tuu, yg student tanye aku 'asal cikgu nmpak kalut?' which mmg aku buat2 kalut utk cover nervous aku..tp skarang, tk rasa gerun sgt dh la.

then ke bilik kaunseling utk transfer2 gmbr. then, balikkkkk! :P

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

training teacher: day 7 : happy teachers' day!

hari ni celebration hari guruuuu!
pagi-pagi hari lg dh trima ucapan hari guru yg sgt mengharukan! thanks syg! :)

seronok laa jugak. this is actally my first experience of sitting in fornt of the student in an assembly. slalu dok depan cikgu, now duk atas kusi in front of thousand of students.feel die agak lain macam laa. started off the day with perarakan from the canteen to the assembly venue. gugup dh hilang laa sket2. before nih asek shaking je bile berdiri kt depan crowd yg ramai mcm tu. rasa diri tu jadi centre of attention. dh kalo jadi cikgu tu, mmg akan jadi centre of attention kot. dah sah2 sume student akan pandang jee ko kan.one thing about today's assembly yg aku tak suka is, bila sesape berucap kt depan, cikgu punyaaaa la bising. kalo studnet bising kita marah, tapi cikgu sibukk dok gosip itu ini.soo, dlm aku diam tu, actually aku bengang laa dengan sikap. kalo cikgu mcm tu, apetah lg student. situasi sama jugak bile dekat university. kalo org berucap kt depan, ko sibukkk nk sembang. even if ko tk minat nk dgr, ko diam je. tkyah tambah dosa aku yg terpaksa kutuk ko yg tak hormat majlis. this is not about being skema ke ape, tp aku cukup pantang dgn org yg bising dlm majlis apa2. bising dlm kelas lagi laaa aku bengang.. mcm org paksa ko turun je gi assembly tu, kalo ko tk turun pon tkpe. paling tak org ngumpat ko. heeeee. aku turun td mmg sbb terpksa ikut rules. tp, diam je laaaaa kalo bosan sgt nk dgr perutusan pm laa, menteri pendidikan laa ape la.mcm pasar!

sampai saat kene nyanyi lagu sume. br perasan, dah lamaaaa gile tk dgr lagu selamat al-sultan.pastu tiba part nyanyian lagu hari guru dan ikrar guru. kami yg praktikum ni dok blakang2 je laa. skaliii, cikgu2 tarik gi depan. praktis nai kstage katanya. ape2 laa cikgu. kami adik2 turutkan saja demi markah kami =)

selesai, gi breakfast. then masa utk sukaneka. kalo ikutkan, malas je. pastu plak, aku bwk short sleeves shirt. pastuuu, lupe nk bawak handsocks. sudahnye, bersukaneka dgn baju kurung dan heels. alaaa, takat pecah belon, baling gelung, shoot netball, bawak bola pingpong dgn sudu,isi air dlm botol, baling botol, bawak bola hoki.. dan penat nyee, sbb sume game tu sume ahli kumpulan kene participate.. aku pon buat2 aktif laa. markah beb markah! hahaha. aku sekumpulan dgn PKP. PKP ni, bile dh kenal klakar je orangnye. best laa cikgu2 yg satu grup ngan aku tu.

dan kami berjaya mendpt tmpt ke-2! drp 8 kumpulan yg bertanding.ade persembahan. gimik.. hadiah. dan part paling bestttt, bila dpt hadiah. ingtkan dh tk dpt hadiah. skali bile time dh nk blk tu, dtg budak kecik 2 org ni pass hadiah. muka terharu bangga seketika. prempuan mmg kalah laa bile dihargai mcm tuu.pemberian tu tak penting pon, yg penting appreciate!

cikgu2 panggil ke kantin utk jamuan, tp of course laa aku tk makan.walopon makan free, rugi mak i masak confirm lg sedap. heeeee.

terasa bnyk lg nk update tp, blur. tkde idea. malas nk tulis. heeee. sambung next time!

spek baruuu!

thanks mama!kerana bawakkan sy ke kedai opto. thanks papa! kerana blanje sy spek baruu :)

dah dpt spek baru, lagi gigih ngadap komputer :D

Sunday, 15 May 2011


bila semua serba tak kena :(

training teacher: day 6

hr ni pergi skolah tanpa tujuan :)

relax2. lepak2. and serabut kepala otak dgn cikgu yg suh kitorang perform hr guru nnti. ermm, to be honest, kalo suara aku sedap, tkyah suruh pon mmg aku volunteer je utk nyanyi laa lagu pape. masalah nye suara mmg sesuai utk jerit2 marah budak nakal. bakat seni langsung tkde. nk menari pon mcm kayu je.. so mmg aku fedap bile kene time2 mcm ni. especially bile ade a few cikgu yg smngt; lg laa tmbah stress aku.

bile tgh2 rest, cikgu kelas 1G3 suh aku masuk gnti kelas die jap. die ckp, masuk sampai chapter 5 je. masuk laa aku buat revision. rupanyaaa, mmg masuk sampai chapter 7. aku br je tgk kertas soalan after aku masuk kelas tu. kesian budak2 tu. pandai2 laa cikgu tu kire nnti. bukan salah aku kot. dh die yg ckp mcm tu kt aku.

masuk kelas td just buat revision. aku geram betul laa ngan sorang budak ni. budak kl. tp perasan best gile. kan dh kene ngan aku hari ni? actually, aku rasa bersalah jugak laa marah die td. tp dh melampau sgt. bengang laaa aku ponnn! budak2 lain ok je. sume soalan aku buat kt depan die nk gi jawab. tp tk pernah nk betul pon. kalo time kuiz english the other day, mmg nmpak gile laa die nk buat2 terer... tp salah je pon. bagus je perangai die yg berani mencuba tuu. tp bile dh melebih2, aku pon muak laaa. tk dgr ckp plak tuu.

masuk kelas kedua, buat observation..Gk yg ngaja.. punye laa bising budak2. kalo cikgu die pon tkleh control cmtu, aku apetah lagi. haishh.dugaan laa jugak. GK tu dh siap mention, yg nnti aku akan take over kelas tu, diorang pon sibuk laa. dtg kt aku, tanye itu ini " cikgu, cikgu garang tak? cikgu, nnti cikgu ngaja sini ke? cikgu, tgh praktikal lg ke?" awk dok diam boleh tak, cikgu tgh ngaja kt depan tuu.

tetibe lalu student yg aku ngaja before ni, 'cikguu, i miss u!' amboiii! bf cikgu pon tk sweet mcm tu nk jerit2 i miss u!

hishhh, budak2. paham ke tak i miss u tu. esok sambutan hari guru.

happy teachers' day to all teachers. thanks to all my teachers. i will always remember your patience, your courages and your kindness.

Saturday, 14 May 2011


goodluck di stage esok. do your best. dh berbulan praktis, harus mntap performance itu!

iskkk, bnyk plak entry sy tulis about awk. maybe because, i just miss u so much. and too much! :P

ohh, esok sy mula msuk utk minggu ke-2. goodluck utk diri sendiri jugak!

news :D

kota bharu, 15 may- it was reported that a trainee teacher from Kota Bharu is confined to bed due to heavy headache and lose her weight tremendously. According to a source, the 26 year old teacher is missing her boyfriend so much. she has not seen her boyfriend who is currently working in KL for almost 2 weeks. she is expected to see him in the next 14 days.

miss u! :)

because you are amazing..

just the way you are! :)


kadang-kadang, sy rasa bersalah. sy tak bermaksud utk buat orang lain rasa bersalah.. kadang-kadang sy gagal mengawal hati sy. kehendak hati sy yg selalunya macam2..

dan itu menambahkan rasa bersalah saya.

jika ada salah dan silap, maafkan sy.

Friday, 13 May 2011

melobi :P

i have everything i always miss, next to me. i am home, i have my family in front of me, im sleeping on my own bed, i get to eat mum's cook.

but, still;

i miss u.

training teacher: day 5

seawal pagi, mama gi hntr ke sekolah. hermm, melihatkan guru disiplin memegang rotan, mama straight hntr aku depan pintu pagar skolah. risau kalo aku kene marah sbb dh agak lmbt. hahaha. 'ma, tkkan laa cikgu pon nk kene rotan. paling tak pon, punch card tuu jadi merah" ape-ape laa mama.

sesampai je dibilik guru, dh letak sume brg, terus ke bilik exam. smlm GK Sains dah mintak tolong suh susunkan kertas exam form 3. ape2 jugak laa. bekerja bersama yg lain2. so cepat laa keje tu settle. semoga cikgu GK berpuas hati. kene laa ambik hati beliau sbb beliau akan jadi guru pembimbing. heeeee. settle sume, mengajak rakan utk mengisi perut. laparrrr.

selesai makan, kembali ke bilik guru. siapkan report apa yg patot. hermmm.sesudah itu, PK memanggil kami semua guru praktikal utk taklimat ringkas. dan jadual2 yg sepatutnya kami dpt. thank God, kelas yg aku dpt tu, ok laa. aku pernah masuk before ni utk relief. and student mmg type yg cooperative dan agak dgr ckp laa. mmg bersyukur gile kot..semoga dipermudahkan juga urusan-urusan seterusnya! :)

so, aku ke kelas yg bakal aku take over tuu. tgk mcm mana cikgu mereka ngaja. the whole first period tu aku tgk je laa. agak bising jugak sbenarnye. siap dgn rotan2 lagi cikgu tu. cikgu tu cikgu laki. tuu pon tk dgr ckp, sepanjang cikgu tu ngajar, budak2 bising je aku pandanggg je, sampai diorang tunduk pandang depan. hahahaha. singa dh dtg! suka bila tgk diorang takut2. tp pastu diorang bising je balik. budak2. attention span yg pendek.

2nd half, cikgu tu nk ke mana tah, die suh aku take over terus. sepatotnya aku start ngaja after cuti pon..adoi la..okay jugak, bleh try2 kan? aku pon start laa ngaja. test2 soalan kt budak2 tu sket. tajuk hari ni adalah integer. aku perasan je ade few concept yg salah. zero is not an integer. yetttt, cikgu tu suh susun integer, and die masukkan zero sbg salah satu integer. tp aku diamkan je laa. sbb die cikgu kan? cikgu senior sure tercabar kalo dibetulkan. tp aku kesian laa kt budak2 tu. sbb ajaran sesat. sure diorang pening. sekejap ckp zero bukan integer, pastu masukkan zero dlm list integer. .

after that, aku sambung laa sesi pengajaran. aku ajar part nk buat calculation yg melibatkan integer. aku ckp kt diorang, pakai garis nombor.. diorang even tak paham pon macam mana nk pakai garis nombor. so aku bg lagi latihan pengukuhan.. suh buat kt depan. explain lagi, contoh lagi. last skali bg soalan suh tulis dlm buku, and aku gi round sorang2 tgk diorang buat. hermmm, aku explain lg personally kt diorang, ckp knape diorang buat tu salah. and mmg best gila perasaan bila tgk diorang semangat nk tauuu, and bila tgk diorang dh mula paham mcm mana nk selesaikan soalan. teacher2 meh sini.. tgk betul ke tak ni. teacher, sy tk paham lg ni. teacher, sy dh dpt jawapan.budak laki pon sama. diorang semangattt je blaja. ade laa 2-3 orang yg tk buat. aku siap warning dh, next week nk tgk ape yg diorang buat. heeee.
bila dh tamat masa, diorang dh kemas2 beg. aku ponn, 'ehhh, sapa suh kemas. jap2, sy nk bg homework" diroang pon ape lagi " alaaaa, cikgu, kerja dh bnykk. masa bnyk lagi. minggu depan laa cikgu" aku pon paham je, hari khamis, kepala otak diorang tuu dh tah kemana2.. aku pon ala2 org yg cair dipujuk rayu cmtuuu 'ok laa ok. fine. next week"

dh nk blk tu, 'terima kasih cikgu" sama-sama, jumpa next week. budak2 perempuan sume salam.. pastu, this one girl dtg kt akum teacher nasib baik teacher ajar. paham skit.. kalu cikgu tu ngaja tak paham sgt.. " terasa terharu pon ada. first time ngaja student for real, and student tu ckp mcm tuuu. hermmmm. sy jadi smngt! and being with budak2. sy rasa sgt best. sbb diorang tu nakal dan kelakar. macam2 perangai dan gaya. now sy kene start pikir mcm mana nak attract attention 2-3 orang yg mcm tk berminat tuu.. hermmm

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

training teacher: day 4

awal pagi tkde kerja sgt.. and since smlm dh bnyk gile kelas yg aku masuk. about 5 kelas kot. kehulu ke hilir.
so hari ni bnyk kelas yg aku tolak kt member aku. tk larat kottt.  tp in the end dpt jugak kelas jam 935-1005. form 1B1. kelas ni sepatutnya terkawal. so i went to the class. hermm, budak2 nye tkde. aku agak, budak ni stay kt library with the teacher yg relief before aku. tkpe la. good for me. before gi kelas tu aku dh siap2 gi makan duluuu. cari energy! and alhamdulillah cuaca dh getting better. tkde laa rasa nk meletup je. heee.
after kelas tu, straight ke kelas lagi satu 4SC2 . jaga exam. diorang ade paper history.
kali nih, mmg mcm lain2 waktu jugak, prepare muka garanggg. seriusss je manjang. budak ckp  skit je aku angkat muka, terus senyap pandang bawah budak2 tu. nmpak nye berhasil. die dok kacau slow pon aku seriussss je.angkat kening cmtu.. terus senyap. bila masa dh hmpir tamat, aku pegi laa meronda. sampai kt satu budak ni, die ckp "cikgu, kalo cikgu senyum sket mesti comei" terus aku tersengihhh. budak2 niii, ade je idea nk kacau mood serius aku. diorang ni tau je aku tgh gugup kot, tu pasal diorang kacau mcm tu.tgh3 jawab exam tuuu. sabar je laa. tp, aku masuk blk mood serius. hahhaha
lantak ko laa budak.. pastu bila masa dh tamat. aku kutip sume kertas jawapan. kira2 sume skrip jawapan. and settle semua, 'terima kasih cikgu' sama-sama. jawab cikgu. pastu budak2 perempuan menghampiri aku and salam tgn aku. siap cium tgn lagiiii. terharu plak rasa.
patot laa Islam menggalakkan cium tgn mak before tido.salam cium tgn mak before gi keje. isteri salam, cium tgn suami before tido and before gi mana2. sbb, dgn cium tgn tu boleh melembutkan hati orang tuu. and rasa mcm sayangnyeee. rasa mcm nk mendoakan utk kebaikkan diorang. rasa sejuk hatiii. seriously. sila praktikkan! mesti mak/husband anda terasa sejuk hati dgn anda. so, salah silap anda insyaAllah akan dimaafkan. dan sy sbg cikgu, mendoakan kejayaan student sy!

walopon sy mcm singa, tp sy syg student sy. ohh, sy tulis mcm ni sbb sy tau student sy tkkan jumpe blog sy! :D

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

training teacher: day 3

hermm, sampai skolah a bit late hr ni.. aku laa yg lmbt2 masuk kereta. lmbt2 breakfast td. so i went to school. sampai pai2 tu mcm biasa.. lepak dulu.. borak2 dgn rakan sekursus. and mcm biasa2 akak2 and abg2 kt situ sgt  peramah..'takde jadual lagi ke? tk kene relief kee?" aku mampu tersenyum saja. mata masih bengkak. dek bgn pagi. biasaaaa :D

jam 8 lebih cmtu, ijah got call from the office. rupanya orang office cari aku.. suh masuk jaga kelas. haihhh laaa abg, dh call ijah tuuu, suh ijah je laa. knape nama i yg disebuttt? sajeeee je!tkpe, nk jadi cikgu mmg kene rajin masuk kelas. hahaha.muhasabah diri sendiri.

. relief nye jam 855-9.35. kemudian datang laa enazhar ckp 'ehh, awk gi masuk kelas 5G2 jap. gnti cikgu kt situ. kejap je.. ermmm, mcm laa boleh tolak offer tu pon. berjalan labat2 ke kelas. mula laa diorang kacau. ngan cikgu diorang senyapp je.. tp muka maintain serius lg time ni. siap diorang ckp 'cikguu, senyum laa sket' nk kene gak budak2 ni.. tp, maintain ok! siap aku tanye 'awak ade masalah ke?" haaaaaa, nk cover nk tergelak nye pasal. hahaha.

pastu gi kelas relief plak.jaga exam jugak. pastu gi kelas 1G1 plakk. diorang pon br masuk kelas. dr hujung koridor, muka dh maintain serius. masuk kelas. 'ketua mane ketua? sape bertugas hari ni?'mulaa laa kelam kabut ketua gi tgk duty roaster.siap sapu blackboard. sapu kelas laa diorang. tak bersih lagi. tak puas hati lg aku nih.. 'tuuu, meja tuu, awk tgk dr barisan first, then yg lain ikut' aku pon ikut sama betulkan meja diorang laa. tkde laa nmpak aku mcm singa garang ke ape sgt kan. borak sket2 ngan budak2.. pastu ade student dtg' cikguu, nk pinjam penyapu, cikgu boelh tak sy nk kuar, kejap jee. bleh laa, nk gi hntr buku je' haa, kluar laa, kluar..

habis lg sebabak.gi lepak library jap. borak2 ngan akak senior kt situ. bnyk jugak laa mende yg dishare. good to know her.dah mmg cikgu. ckp pon bnyk. pastu satu fakta yg die ckp, nnti lama2 , sek2 cikgu ni, borak2 nnti suara mesti kuat je.sbb dh biasa jerit2 dlm kelas. encik boyfriend kene laa paham! hahahahah.

masuk lepak dlm kelas. and today. sbb dh few days dh dok dlm bilik guru tu, cikgu2 dh berani dh melawak2.. borak2 sengal. pastu diorang kacau sesama diorang. sbb kami ber6. sorang je dh kawen yg lai nsume single. kalo yg cikgu laki asek lalu lalang port kitorang tu, mesti kene mc 'ehh, tak sampai sminggu je dh dok lalulalang situ. ehh, tkleh caye sgt ni..' hahahah. kami gelak sopan je. orang baruuu katakan :D

sy dh penat dh. kepala dh lentok2 sket.dgn tk tahan bilik yg berkuapnye. huuuu. pastu, tetibe cikgu tu dtg, ehh sape yg free, tolong gnti jap kelas 5G2ni.memandangkan aku je yg free time tu, sume org dh ade kelas relief masing2 walopon diorang tk kene awal pagi mcm aku, terpaksaaaaa aku gnti. gile apeeee. mkn pon tak lagi. tp ko cikgu praktikal, markah ko bergntung pada derang, brani ko nk melawan? heee, tak2.

lepak bilik guru, dpt lg satu jadual baru. kene relief kelas 1G3 plakkk. adoi laa. dlm kepala otak dh pikir nk main game. masuk je. again, maintain serious. so main laa game. i gave them one word for each group.4 groups. education, presentation, contribution, preparation, etc. so they have to contruct words from these words. best bile tgk sume particiapte. just that keadaan kelas jadi bising je laa. tu pon dh puas aku dok suh diorang diam. ugut nk potong markah sume. senyap kejap. pastu bising blk. dh abes satu pusingan, mintak nk main lg seround. kulayankan je laa. ape2 je laa budak. asalkan korang tak berkeliaran, cikug pon bahagia! dah habis sebabak! masuk office blk, dh tunggu time nk blk dah.skali ckp ade meeting plak dahhhh. haruuu. cikgu penat dahhh :(

dan, minit2 terakhir tuuu, PKP dtg kt aku, time tu mmg aku sorang2. awakk, tolong gnti cikgu *** jap, sy nk suh die isi rekod. kejap je. ape2 laa. sy pikir nk blk je now. panasss! gi laa ke kelas tu. budak kelas sains. tp nakal yg amat. tiruuu je keje. aku jeling je. malas nk kuar suara. pastu tersengih2. 145 pm, ok guys, times up! sume hntr kertas jawapan masing2. dh hntr, dh kira sume, hntr skrip jawapan ke bilik peperiksaan. tunggu meeting kol 2.

kol 2 meeting, pasal sambutan hari guru. blablabla. pulut kuning, berpayung, sukaneka, lagu hari guru, persembahan, magic. blablablabla.jgn suh aku perform sudahhhh!dah msg mama siap2 ambik kol 3. kesian mama, i terlewat 15 minit. masuk kete je dh lega sbb dh sejuk. thanks mama!

that is how i ended my 3rd day. more to come! i just love this job even more :) see u guys tomoro! :D

Monday, 9 May 2011

training teacher: day 2

started my 2nd day with another short meeting with PK. through phone, he is nice. peramah je. tp bila jumpa depan2, hermmm. serius je orangnya. takut pon ada. he is considering to give me mathematics class only. this is interesting. nasib tak kene ngaja subjek pelik2..kene ngaja pj ke.. penat laa nk ber'lapan lagiii'!

tp i had another experience of kelas ganti. different experience plak kali ni. part 1, kene masuk kelas form 4. diorang dh lmbt utk exam kot. aku ni, first time kotttt bawak kertas exam student, gi kelas. cikgu nye terlupa ade kelas. pastu plak phone tinggal kt rumah. haishhh. cepat2 aku jalan ke kelas diorang. pastu, dh lupe sistem skolah mcm mana kan.. kat u, pengawas peperiksaan akan bg sorang2, gi letak kt meja sorang2... hermm,dah half aku dok bg2 kertas jawapan tu, pastu br ingt blk, diorang ni, bg je kt depan, pastu diorang pass2 je ke belakang. .. hermm, sabar je laa. pastu diorang pass blk kt aku soalan lebih. pastu aku ckp dh boleh mula. time ni ade sorang budak angkat tgn ckp 'sy tk dpt soalan lg' sabarrr je laa ngan budak2 ni. aku pon agak berlari2 anak nk pass soalan tu kt die. member die plak sampuk ' aishhh, bkpo cikgu kalut sgt tuu?" aku lempang sat lagi budak ni. ohh another thing, bila time berjalan masuk ke kelas diorang tu, diorang dok tunggu cikgu kt luar dh. tanye aku, 'cikgu, cikgu nak masuk kelas ni ke?" 'haaa, ye2. masuk2 dh lmbt ni" ketua: semua bangunnn. assalamualaikum cikgu. then bacaan doa. time diorangbg salam tu, ada satu perasaan yg mcm nk nangis. syahdu. terharu. rasa mcm, hermm cikgu doakan korang berjaya :) cikgu mmg berhati halus skit. hahahah.

then jawab laa exam. exam english paper 1. walopon aku lmbt 15 minit. diorang taknak anjakkan masa. diorang still nk habis kol 1045. lantak ko laaa budak oi. time dok jawab exam tu, dok mengeluh sesama diorang.. 'hermm, tulis tajuk je laa" kebetulan tajuk essay tu, write an essay for the best teacher for hari guru award. best laa diorang goreng, siap tulis nama aku, tanya aku umur brape nk tulis dlm essay diorang ni.. aku nk marah ada. nk tergelak pon ada. comel je diorang.few times gak laa kene sound diorang suh senyap sket. then another teacher came in utk sambung mengawas diorang. Thank God. dh selesai satu tugas aku.

then cikgu peperiksaan asked us to sort and kira bilangan kertas peperiksaan and susun ikut kelas. pastu PK came, give me another task. kene jadi guru ganti lg. form 1 plak. kali ini agak testing jugak laa. i waited in class for 10 minutes, sbb diorang dr bengkel KH. so diorang lmbt. budak perempuan masuk dulu. tunggu member diroang sambil berdiri. aku suh diorang duduk dulu.. macam2 soalan diorang " cikguu, cikgu cikgu baru ke?, cikgu, umur cikgu 21 ke? cikgu, cikgu johari mana?"  another rutin, bg salam and doa. i explained to them that cikgu diorang tkde, then diorang nk suh conduct kuiz. haaa, ikut suka ko laa budak. asal ko diam. tp satu hal jugak, diorang lagi main game2 ni diorang lg bising..penat tauu. bila aku ckp ade hadiah. br laa diorang sungguh2 sket main. tu ponnn, bising gila. siap cikgu sebelah dtg.. cikgu tu suh diorang mintak maaf kt aku. hermm, mintak maaf. bila cikgu tu keluar die nyanyi plak " maafkan kami.. maafkan kami" argghhh. stress. pastu dioang plak yg ajar aku, cikgu budak2 ni kene ajar dgn ni [sambil tunjuk btg penyapu kt aku] haaa, elok laa ko. adoi. 'cikguu, kita gewe 2 nok? cikgu, bkpo cikgu napok muda lagi?" pastu member die plak sapuk, 'blaja taktau kemana, ade hati nk ngorat cikgu' hahahaha. budak2 ape laa yg diorang paham. main2 kuiz, aku ingt esok je laa aku nk bg hadiah.. diorang insist nk hadiah time2 tu jugakk. siap ckp, cikgu bg je singgit. haa, bagus gak, tkyah aku penat2 nk gi cari hadiah plak. sudahnye aku bg singgit sorang.. nasib baik ko 5 orang je.hahaha.
pastu, aku bg soalan matematik.. satu soalan satu kumpulan. susah gak laa. tp best bile tgk diorang gigih cari jawapan.. sume pakat kuar calculator. tp satu pon tak betul jawapannya. cikgu2 ni nk buat mcm mana.. mcam mana nk tekan calculator ni, cikgu ajar laa." comel je kann budak2 tuu? aku rasa mcm, hermm, syg je kt diorang. sbb sume pon mcm innocent. tktau ape.. and ada rasa nk belajar.. and the feeling yg kita rasa bila kita dh tolong diorang tuu, best gile. believe me. maybe i just love this job.cuma kadang2 rasa restless bila nakal tk dgr ckp.. rasa mcm nk nangis time tu pon ada gak.. tgk esok plak apa yg jadi! :D

training teacher: day 1

first day, of course laa nervous tu ada. first thing first, havea short meeting with the principal. she's nice. peramah. sgt warm orang nya. then she introduced us to En Azhar. he's nice too. have a short chat then he brought us to the teachers' room. he gave us one long table for 6 of us.

there's nothing much we can do for the first day. i was just assigned to observe one class. kelas tu tgh exam pon.tips from the senior, kene buat muka garang. and it works really. tp macam2 hal laaa. main stokin laa, kacau kawan laa. ape2 laa. tp tkde laa testing sgt. biasa2 je. under control la. for the time pakai name tag to the school. yeahhh, after hermmm, my school days ended 9 years ago.OMG! how time flies.

it was quite a feeling today, that bila jumpe student, they will bow a bit and greet u with salam. hrmm, i started to love this profession. this is the real challenge! more to come, and i just cant wait!

Friday, 6 May 2011

tak sabar

saya tak sabar menunggu adik2 saya pulang. lalu mengajak mereka untuk jalan-jalan cari makan..
cepat lah pulang. kesian kekanda kesunyian dirumah.

kekanda teringatkan donut di tesco. tak lupa juga masakan lazat di keng som. sptnya adik sy mahu belanja kami. hahahaahhaha.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

was in kuantan

last weekend, i was in kuantan. short family trip. beramah mesra dgn bakal adik ipar. heeee.

i'll just let the picture speaks itself laa.
minus my brother. it was well worth day trip. though aku mcm demam dan tak larat nk gi mane.. just sit a relax and menghabiskan another bottle of 100plus.heeee.

went to teluk chempedak. discuss about the wedding in december. papa had dinner for the east coast region. then blk the next day bersama2 barang yg penuh satu boot kete.

love u guys. to my future brother in law, u dah lulus ujian saringan! tahniah! :)

inside your heaven

love :)


adik said shes craving for pizza. semuanya kerana iklan pizza hut pada akhbar. sy pon seakan2 rindukan pizza. tp sy nk domino. dan kerana domino tiada di kelantan.. adakah wajar saya ke kl kerana memnuhi kehendak sy yg inginkan domino's pizza. haaaa, taktik le tuuu :)

dik, tunggu kak cik blk laa then we go to pizza okay?

kalo pizza hut, chicekn wings die laa yg paling aku ingt, bukan pizzanye. heeee.

hari ini.

starting this firday, dh kene starttido awal, nnti nk kene bgn awal. gi skolah awal. blk kerja sure penat. tp bnyk keje nk kene settle. every day nk kene buat lesson plan. nk handle kelas. nk handle document2 yg nk kene submit. nk kene handle jugak kerja2 thesis..
mengharapkan kekuatan untuk selesaikan baki tugas yg ada. semoga mudah semuanya! :)

ohh, seronoknya berada di rumah. bahagia je hidup. kalo rasa malas nk masak ke ape ke, mama dh ready siap2 lunch dinner. oo, tp td dinner masak sendiri. nasi goreng! hahaha.bujang. memang simple gitu jeee. td lunch mama buatkan ikan goreng.makan dgn kicap. panas2. pergghhh. pastu si kecik zara mmg ngade laa time kakak kesayangan die a.k.a orang gaji die kt rumah ni. mmg ngade gile. nk air bandung laa ape laa. aku sbg orang gaji beliau. ku turutkan saja.pastu td mlm nk milo ais. layan jugakkk.

ohh,disebabkan aku sedar diri yg semakin membesar, so aku spend few minutes menyental toilet.. dan jugak mengvacuum carpet.. semoga berat ku semakin berkurang. utk rekod, hari pertama mencatatkan 51.6 kilo. dan td, hanya tinggal 50.6 kilo :)

esok gi sental toilet lagi lah! :P

utk mereka di perantauan, jangan begitu iri hati dengan ke-best-an sy berada dirumah. sy merindui anda. tak bermakna best nye ini tanpa anda di sini. pulanglah! :)