Friday, 29 April 2011


salah satu sifat yang tidak boleh diukur pada manusia adalah keikhlasan. hanya masa yang akan menentukan, akhirnya, benar ikhlas atau hanya bermain kata.

jangan terlalu yakin pada yang tampak manis. sampai nanti memakan diri.


end of 6th semester

today, is the end for the 6th semester.2 more semester to go. another 14 weeks to complete the 7th semester. then semester 8th will commence in september. how time flies.

insyaAllah, if everything goes well, i'll finish my degree by the end of this year. insyaAllah.and probably starts my career as a teacher. hrmmmm, in June next year. it is about time that i seriously think about life. financial, family, investment,future.. hermmm, theres a lot of thing to take care of. rasa takut dgn tanggungjawab pon ada jugak.

thanks to papa mama and siblings and also friends who were always there. your support, your cheer, your company is very much appreciated. i am glad that i was born, and met you guys. and to you too :)

okay, bye TM. for now =)

Thursday, 28 April 2011


to who-ever you are, thanks for the cake.

halnya semalam, aku dah lapar gile. tgk kt restaurant favorite, kedai dh penuh.ramai gile malas laa jadik cam semalam yg berjam tunggu nasi yg sebungkus tu je. by the time dpt nasi, perut pon dh kenyang! so aku opt utk beli burger.. pastu abg tu ckp, lmbt sket laa dik, bleh? ye laa bang. ok je. sy tunggu je lah. for the mean time, aku pon menapak ke kedai cake.. ingt nk cari bun yg best, tp satu pon tak menarik perhatian. terpandang kek. macam sedap! bang, cheesecake satu.bungkus. aku gerak ke cashier. nk byr, ehh, tkpe2. abg tu byrkan. aku cam eh, sape? aku turn, mmg laa ade sekelompok laki. tp mane nk tau yg mane satu. mata plak ala2 nmpak je. aku turn blk kt cashier tu, eh, tkpe la bang. sy byr je.. hahahah. this is my first time kene situasi mcm tu ok.. terpk gak, nk kene mandrem ke ape. hahha. abg tu still ckp. tkpe.. tkpe.. abg tu nk blanje. orang kt blakang aku dh ramai queue nk byr. 3rd time aku still bg die duit, betul ke ni? aku tanye die balik. pastu die cam, takpe.nnti abg tu byrkan.  aku pon,, oo ehh, terima kasih laa eh. hahah sudahnye aku terima kasih kt cashier tu je. dh nk blanje sgt, rugi aku tak ambik bnyk2. hahahah. hishh.poyo gak laa aku rasa mamat tu.kalo gentle tentu die yg dtg kt tmpt cashier tu and ckp depan aku yg die nk blanje.. tak ke? dh laaa org yg aku tak kenal. sbb tu risau nk ambik. unless aku kenal, mmg aku ambik je kalo dh nk blanje tuuu. ape pon bang, terima kasih utk cheesecake tu.kenyang sy smlm sementara makan burger.

moment2 yg jarang dpt cani, harus kene catat kat diary. hahahaha. ohh, thanks btw. in case laa die terjumpe blog aku. hihihihi.thanks ye.

bf, orang tu blanje satu slice je, sy tahu awk akan blanje sbijik kek. sbb awak nk menandingi ke-gentle-an mamat tak dikenali tu kan? hahahha.tkpe. jgn risau, jangan cuba nk blanje sbijik kek, sbb sy tk mkn bnyk kek pon. satu slice je pon cukup! :P

blessing in disguise.

i love every moment, every single moment in life for now. thank God for the bless.

and thanks to you, for every single things you said. you just made my day.



love it!

sy di pong. tp sy suka. sangat suka! hahaha.
thanks :)

Monday, 11 April 2011

selfish nk mati.

ooo, ko bersenang lenang. tgk movie. gi date ngan boyfriend segala. pastu bila dh time2 mcm ni ko rushing2 nk buat segala kerja. pastu tetibe msg.. " eh, ko dh siap ***?" kalo aku jawab aku dh siap pon knape?
and too bad. aku tkkan jawba pon. haaa, tetibe td phone aku kene bar.tkleh nk reply msg ko. agak kurang ajar aku rasa, msg aku dgn niat utk dptkan jawapan dari aku. ye, aku selfish.. dgn makhluk yg tak reti bahasa sahaja!

Friday, 8 April 2011

my final week.

this is the end of the 2nd last week for the term. tapi kerja banyakkkk lagi nk kene settle.. this is the first time yang lecture hanya akan berakhir pada minggu terakhir. biasanyaa, kelas2 dah berakhir pada minggu ke 12.. ni siap ade test on the 14th week lagi. on friday plak tu.
and the next day i have camping plan with geng outdoor. cant wait for that.. masak2, ekspedisi ke air terjun, and mcm2 lagi ad hoc activities nnti.. be friend to guys is just.. spontaneous. did everything without plan. so dont expect them to follow your rules. its them to decide on whats next.. just at certain thing je kita bleh masuk campur, and, nampak laa function kita in the group. kan?
padahalll, i have final exam on the 20th, 21st and 23rd. mati laaaaa. tu pasal this week and the week after i hv to spend some time to do revisions.mak taknak sangkut this sem. as of now, alhamdulillah, coursework carrymark above 50% lagi.. do extra revision to find another 30% to get As. siapkan thesis proposal ASAP and ill have some time for that.
pray that i can finish the proposal thing before next week starts :)

Thursday, 7 April 2011


this king fruit, once was featured as one of the fear factor, in the fear factor shows.

i love it nevertheless.

dh 5 ke 6 kali makan in 2 weeks. and started to rasa muak. heheh.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

its not him.

its not anwar ibrahim on the video. i never meet him personally.but i knew it after watching the first 2 minutes of the video which was leaked on youtube. yes, i am among the lucky person who got the chance to personally evaluate adn convinced myself that he in the video is not anwar ibrahim. how can i be so sure about this?
just like what dato' joe said, sekali imbas, with just a glimpse memanggg orang akan sangka itu anwar ibrahim. if you put them in a still mode, mmg nmpak sama.. tp looking at how he moves, how he walks in the video, i can at least convince myself. dia bukan anwar ibrahim. i compare with lagak gaya beliau time ceramah. i watched all his ceramah online. lagak gaya is not something you can cheat. even if you are good at acting, you can just know, if he is for real DSAI.

well, rpk came out with a theory. yes, hes back in action. that this is one of the sambil menyelam sambil minum air bring down anwar and at the same time to bring down najib.

i wonder if someday, the trio dato will come out with a statement, "oooh,, i thought it was him. i was just trying to show to the public who anwar really is, if he in the video is not anwar, then it is my mistake"

stay tune.

happy birthday my dearest sisters! :)

yes, both of my sisters celebrate their birthday on the same date. 5th of april. dik, i love u both. so much. see u guys in 25 days. hadiah next year lah. postpone. this year bankrap to the max dah :))

Friday, 1 April 2011

its april.

how time flies.
when april is about to start, mula lah bertebaran about april fool is not our culture.and you know what, they spend an amount to just print fliers to remind those in the so called tertiery education that april fool is not our culture..

saya rasa, mereka sungguh tidak bertanggungjawab. tidak meletakkan sesuatu pada tempatnya.. mereka tidak mendahulukan apa yang sepaptutnya didahulukan. i'd love to share reaction from DR Dzulkefly Ahmad towards the Perak Mufti about the pengharaman poco-poco di Perak. i would like to quote his comment here:
“Islam solves the bigger issues. Once you solve the bigger problems, the smaller ones will go away by itself,”
dont fool youself just because to secure your kepentingan in the society. focus on the bigger issue remember. what about kebajikan, stewardship of the university, the students' right etc. jangan jadi patung.