Thursday, 30 December 2010

Suzuki Cup is ours!

watch the video for highlights of the last night game.. it was undeniably a superb performance by our team. yeahh, am proud to call that our team. harimau muda! though it was a visiting game, without penyokong,[when they play in malaysia, there are indonesian supporters in the bukit jalil stadium, the media reported that malaysian supporter have to watch the game at the embassy amid fear of rusuhan]

they play like real football players.. pujian jugak untuk indonesian team yg terus-terusan mengasak gol, fortunately for the malaysian team that they have apek to save many of indo's attempts to score. yeah, bolos 2 goals. but if you watch the video, its a miracle if apek can still save the 2 goals. even the saved penalty is a miracle. hey, everyone is talking about this sepet guy..sume pon nk ngaku jadi gf si sepet..hiahiahia. fortunately for sepet's gf, im not one of them. hahahaha.

the one and only goal from safee, indeed a great one. a goal with style. other players did a good job too..safiq rahim, kunalan, norshahrul of course, and ashaari shamsuddin. and other members of the team, good luck and enjoy the USD100k! :D

betul lah kata orang, because of the wonderful performance, orgyg tk minat bola pon tgk this Suzuki Cup and praying hard that our team will bring back the cup. anyway, if only final td berlangsung di Malaysia, sambutan sure lg hebat.

well, our PM is excited about this win too, that he announced public holidays for all on friday! malaysians, its everyone's victory! :)

Monday, 27 December 2010


i can have my 'shit' tommorow!

okayyy, agak ketinggalan disituuu. .it been a while jugak laa, searching for this book.

its not just a novel, its shit! from SN Shahnon Ahmad.. i bought the book online,

i search the book from a few major online bookstore but to no avail. luckily. mediajaya store nih ade stock buku tu. ke this book tk lepas lagi dari kena ban?

hope to finish The Brethren real soon so that i can start the first page of SHIT. heh.

lelaki ini..

no doubt, anuar zain is on top of my list if you are talking about malaysian singer. he has always been my favorite. lantak kau laa nk ckp aku jiwang ke ape.. tatappp, anuar zain jadi pilihan i.

enjoy this new song, new single from his latest album.. sedetik lebih.. the other song, ku berjanji kerna cinta pon dh jadi my fav jugak..

tp, malangnye. last night, his performance during ASK 2010, disappointed me.. macam ada sesuatu yg mengganggu persembahan beliau..

lelaki ini mmg ade kelassss!

Sunday, 26 December 2010

when and where the credit is due.

good job. good game.well, Malaysian team deserved the credit.

tp, ada beberapa insiden yg agak mencemari perlawanan td. but, i want to stress my point here, the laser thingy was not a factor that contribute to the 3 goals okay. sesetengah otak malaysian yg mcm ape, lg dilarang, lagi nk buat. mak ketok kepala ko nok, br ko nk paham gamaknye.

hope they can do better in the next game, or the least they can do is to maintain the energy and quality they had today..

apa yg membentuk sebuah pasukan yg mantap td adalah penyerang, pertahanan dan tk lupa juga, keeper yg cekap.. and the energy throughout the game did woww the audience.

goodluck for the 2nd game :D

Thursday, 23 December 2010

3 idiots part 3

RPK's writing yesterday somehow give me clearer idea of what i said in the previous entry.

dahulu kala, orang2 cerdik pandai ini dibunuh. kerana penguasa ketika itu takut mereka tidak lagi dihormati.. sama juga sepertinya sekarang. golongan cerdik pandai 'dibunuh' kesinambungan idea mereka. otak mereka ditutup dengan kuasa yang ada pada mereka.

i like to quote RPK's writing.' the safest route would be to follow the herd.. '

play safe is what the ordinary people do.

the genius, they have to learn the hard way. and that is the reason why they are extraordinary.

i guess this entry is the end for 3 idiots! :D

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

3 idiots part 2

about rancho, the main character in the movie.

he carry a character of a man with brain ( i mean it). and is it an irony that, a man, or any other man with brain always the one who opposed the system. a genius is always the one who cannot work in ordinary system. he will always be the one who broke the law, then only he can find something new, something no one has ever realized it. for an example, how newton came out with his laws. has any ordinary man has ever think, before he did, that why apple has to drop? how many of you thinks that Darwin is crazy, but yet because of his crazy ideas, we know someone name Darwin. Thomas Edison, after thousands of trial, then he succeed. he is extraordinary because he did something that the ordinary cannot do; try until you get the results.

back to rancho, he speaks everything he thinks is right. he challenged the college professor. he challenged the system which ruins the students and the nation. he speaks his brains. he speaks what is going on in his mind. but the professor cannot accept rancho's behavior. and he thinks that rancho is being rude. because the professor has the power, then rancho has to leave the college.

you know what, that is the reason why our country and other developing countries losing their 'brains'. they name it the 'brain-drain' because all these brains cannot work in a poor and weak system. and to add some more, this weak system do not listen to critics. they are afraid of brighter brains, they are afraid of developments. focus so much on the hierarchy. too traditional.

something has to be done!

i mean it, really.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

being genius.

3idiots lari dari kebiasaan cerita dari bollywood.

maklum mengenai kisah cinta dan juga kritikan-kritikan sosial dalam filem2 mereka. dan antara kebiasaan mereka mengkritik kerajaan, dan sistem kehakiman.

3 idiots, bagi saya, sesuai untuk para guru. sama seperti mengejar pelangi dari indonesia.simple but so much input to digest.berkisar pada sistem pendidikan yg diamalkan sehingga ke hari ini. errr, mungkin di negara-negara membangun dan mundur. atau mereka gelar sebagai 3rd world country. dan negara kita mungkin salah satu darinya.

lemah, mengulangi kesilapan yg sama,tidak ada pembaharuan, takut untuk mengubah sistem, takut untuk lari dari kebiasaan.

cerita dimulai dengan fenomena buli di minggu orientasi. one way communication in learning, nothing new, just a copy paste from the text books, the walking-wiki get the lecturers' attention, penindasan, parents yg mengutamakan sijil not the content, parents who just know to punish their son if they didnt get good results but never have the time to ask, what their son really wants in life, about choices and paths in life, people who prefer quantity over quality and so much more.

i was once have an experience to register myself at one of the prestigious university in the uk. they have their orientation week as well. but nothing similar to the one we have in our country. here, the orientation weeks means 'time for the seniors to buli the juniors' back in the uk, orientation means 'time to get in touch with the community in the university' they will have massive family-like talks to introduce the members, personel you will get in touch for the whole years in the uni, university societies/clubs will have great promotion to promote the juniors to join them, so much fun activities, and parties as well. dont get me wrong, i am not suggesting that we should have wild party, or parti buih so that we can get to know each other, but you know an under control get to know one another simple pot luck will do..

there's one line from Raju's mother that punch me in the head, "in this country, they can guarantee 30 minutes pizza delivery, but an ambulance.. you got 3 hours"

this line reminded me something similar to yasmin ahmad's Gubra. line from adibah noor "mana ambulance tak sampai2 lagi ni.. kalau saya nk beranak, anak saya dah masuk darjah satu pon belum tentu awak sampai lagi!"

back to rancho (or Pungsukh Wangdu), it is not the degree that he concern, but the content. how much the teachers can deliver and how much the students can absorb. the students who spend the time to memorize facts and figures did nothing, but being a xerox machine,a slave to the knowledge. a real man is the one who make change to the rotten system, the one who make an invention. produce something new.that is genius.

Friday, 17 December 2010

mind game.

Your browser may not support display of this image.sort of sudoku punya type of teka teki. setkan jam anda, berapa lamakah masa yg anda perlukan untuk menyelesaikan teka-teki ini?

Ada 5 buah rumah yang masing2 memiliki warna berbeda.

Setiap rumah dihuni satu orang pria dgn kebangsaan yang berbeda2.

Setiap penghuni menyukai satu jenis minuman tertentu , merokok satu merek tertentu dan memelihara satu jenis hewan tertentu.

Tidak ada satupun dari kelima orang tersebut yang minum minuman yang sama,
merokok merek rokok yang sama dan memelihara hewan yang sama seperti penghuni yang lain.


Petunjuk :
-A. Orang Inggris tinggal dirumah yang berwarna merah.

-B. Orang Swedia memelihara Anjing.

-C, Orang Denmark senang minum teh.

-D. Rumah berwarna hijau terletak tepat disebelah kiri rumah berwarna putih.

-E. Penghuni rumah berwarna hijau senang minum kopi.

-F, Orang yang merokok Pall Mall memelihara burung.

-G. Penghuni rumah yang ditengah2 senang minum susu.

-H. Penghuni rumah berwarna kuning merokok Dunhill.

-I. Orang Norwegia tinggal dirumah paling pertama.

-J. Orang yg merokok Marlboro tinggal disebelah orang yg memelihara kucing.

-K. Orang yang memelihara kuda tinggal disebelah orang yang merokok Dunhill.

-L. Orang yang merokok Winfield senang minum bir.

-M. Disebelah rumah berwarna biru tinggal orang norwegia.

-N. Orang Jerman merokok Rothmans.

-O. Orang yang merokok Marlboro bertetangga dengan orang yang minum air.

N.B : Di Sebelah berarti boleh kiri dan kanan

Rumah ke12345
Binatang Peliharaan

Thursday, 16 December 2010

live life.

i was reading mastika just now.. and i remembered my dad once told me that, mastika used to be somewhat like a malay version of readers digest. but now, mastika is more like cerita mistik kind of book, betapa jalangnya perempuan, and banyak gila about pondan2. to a point mastika can be a guide to those who interested to be a pondan some day. ade jugak few piece of story yg enhance readers horizon, yg add up our knowledge. as for example, the latest series of this monthly published book is about our great sasterawan negara, shahnon ahmad.

now, he is writing his next novel. bila terbaca artikel about him, rasa nak cari novel kontroversi beliau, SHIT. though buku ni dh lama, dh kecoh sebab kontroversi which in turn memberi publisiti percuma terhadap buku ini, if im not wrong, this book was banned from being distributed. not for sale anymore. tp ade je yg sempat membeli dan membaca buku tu. let me know if any of you know where i can get the book.

now i am reading, the brethren, written by the infamous writer, John Grisham. Bought the book at LCCT while waiting for boarding. tak abes2 lagi baca. ade lagi about 1/4 tak abes baca.

next, nk beli buku shahnon ahmad pula. John Grisham can wait :) i read ranjau sepanjang jalan. it was like watching 3 idiots. simple, but yet so many things to learn from the story. banyak gila kritikan to those who tried to understand what is the writer try to deliver to the audience.

as in ranjau sepanjang jalan banyak mengkritik sikap, melayu kampung, pemikiran, yg kemudian diwarisi dan diturunkan kepada anak-anak, kemudiannya kepada cucu cicit. dan tinggallah mereka dengan corak pemikiran yg sama seperti datuk dan nenek dan moyang mereka yg lampau. kalau bagus acuan keturunan itu, maka, baiklah generasi mereka yg seterusnya, jika mereka gagal, begitulah juga sebaliknya.

theres so much things to learn in just have to know how to live with it.

Monday, 13 December 2010

headache day.

current mode: headache.

morning: wake up early.. after subuh tk sambung tido.. get ready to send off my uncle and family to airport. then mama decided to blk kampung to visit my uncle yg warded dekat siam. mentally, tak prepare!


had breakfast with them. so many things to mengumpat but not enough time. later ye!

got to see sarkis depan mata. heyyy, berbulu mata aku. when u tried too much, people will easily feel like whats wrong with you? heyy, what are you trying to proof here? hoi, make up your mind and get lost la, woi, tak cukup kasih sayang ke ape?
honestly, people dont see it as lovely, its annoying. bloody piggy annoying if you must know.

ehh, geram yg amat ok.

cousins from sabah td mcm tknak blk. kesian diorang. papa promised them to have futsal match, another bbq session,and maybe go to the sayang, i wont be home laa in march.

drive back to kampung. bukan aku yg drive la tp. kereta mama kene scratch with keys ke coins mcm tu. park lg kete tu kt tepi uncle nmpak sungguh tidak bermaya. he didnt talk that much.kesian.. naik motor with my nenek around town. had decent lunch.. makan bnyk tk ingt. i'll upload the photos some time gile food. we had seafood tomyam, sweet sour siakap, udang telur masin and sayur campur. then went to taman permainan to buy some satay ikan.. got back, solat and borak2 n get ready to blk rumah. hehhh.
tido all the way dlm kete. mama drive sorang2. all five of us tido.. sume headache. kesiannn.

Friday, 10 December 2010

kick my own world.

been blogging since 2006. started with, then move to wordpress, and now back again using

one, because i needed a new page. new address to start fresh.
two, because, wordpress is somewhat boring.

now, having her semester break, home sweet home :)

counting the days to start the next semester. ohh yeahh, exam results before the semester starts.

wish to kick her own world.

i have my own definition about being excellent. and being happy. and being myself. so, if you think that i am hard-headed, spoilt, whatever cross your mind.. so, the previous statement explained the reason why im being such and such. and you know what, i dont bloody care. heeeeee.

Tuesday, 7 December 2010